Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Fee Description Fee Amount
Replace lost ATM or CheckCard $10.00
ATM cash withdrawal from Savings or Checking Accounts $1.00 per withdrawal at ATMs we do not own or operate
Balance inquiry at ATM on Checking or Savings Accounts $1.00 per inquiry at ATMs we do not own or operate
ATM or CheckCard Insufficient Transaction $25.00 per transaction
ATM film research $50.00 plus our cost
Check printing Fee subject to style ordered
Premier Checking Monthly Fall Below Fee $8.00
Temporary check $.50 per check
Cashier’s check $3.00
Money order $3.00
Deposited checks (and other items) returned unpaid $10.00
Nonsufficient funds item (each) $25.00
Nonsufficient funds item
(each) CU Succeed Checking
Nonsufficient item preauthorized withdrawal $25.00
Nonsufficient ACH/EFT $25.00
Overdraft Courtesy Fee (each item) $25.00
Account activity printout $1.00 per page
Account research – Minimum one
hour and $15.00 per hour thereafter
$15.00 per hour
Account balancing – Minimum one hour and $15.00 per hour thereafter $15.00 per hour
Stop payments (all items) $25.00
Stop payments – ACH payment $25.00
Domestic wire transfer – outgoing $25.00
Foreign wire transfer – outgoing $25.00 plus any correspondent institution charges
Photocopy $.25 per copy
Copy of check $3.00 per copy
Copy of statement $1.00 per page
Fall below fee – Money Market Investment Account $15.00
Address search fee $5.00
Employee Assistance Service Fee $1.00 per transaction
Levy/Garnishment/Lien Fee $25.00
Inactive Account Fee $5.00 per month
Notary Service Fee (per visit) $5.00
Medallion Stamp Fee (per visit) $10.00
Overdrafts from Savings to Checking $2.00 per transfer
Online Monthly Statement Fee FREE
Mailed Monthly Statement Fee – accounts opened after 1/1/18 $3.00 per month