A savings account at ACFCU differs slightly from other financial institutions in terms and benefits.

When you open a savings account at ACFCU and deposit your money, you are actually becoming a shareholder in ACFCU and forming the basis of a unique relationship that no other type of financial institution can offer you.

A savings account can make a difference in your life. It can mean security, peace of mind, and college education, a foundation to make all your dreams come true.

ACFCU offers a vast array of Savings and Investments. To start your savings program please contact a New Accounts Specialist at 806-358-7561.

Savings Accounts

A regular Savings Account with a $5.00 minimum balance establishes your credit union membership. You have immediate access to your available funds. Dividends are calculated and paid quarterly using the average daily balance method when your balance meets or exceeds $200. For details, please contact a New Accounts Specialist at 806-358-7561

Money Market

To open a Money Market Investment Account, you must deposit and maintain a minimum balance of $2,500.00. If your balance falls below $2,500.00 you will be assessed a $15.00 fall below fee. You can make unlimited deposits to your account throughout the month, but only six withdrawals. Three of these transaction can be by check. Dividend rates vary monthly, are calculated based on the average daily balance, and are paid monthly on balances over $2,500.00.

For details, please refer to the Account Disclosure page or contact a New Accounts Specialist at 806-358-7561.


ACFCU offers higher dividend rates on Term Share Certificates for 3 months to 60 months. Minimum balances begin at $1,000 and increase for longer term certificates. Dividends earned can be compounded or credited to your savings or checking account. Rates change weekly, so please call a New Accounts Specialist at 358-7561 ext. 2502 or check our web page for current rates and terms.


Start Planning Today.

Do you have a picture of your retirement in mind? ACFCU’s Traditional IRA option can clarify your vision. Your retirement funds will grow steadily when you choose our IRA Savings Account or IRA Certificate, and your contributions could be tax deductible. You won’t pay taxes on this account until you withdraw money, meaning this could be the right fit if you expect to be in a lower tax bracket in retirement. Make sure you consult your tax advisor for full details about specific tax advantages. No matter what your goals are, we’re dedicated to helping you reach them.

Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas Club Account

It’s Ho Ho Ho and away you go because you opened an ACFCU Christmas Club Account! Now you can enjoy hassle-free holiday shopping with the Christmas cash that you saved all year.

Open your account with $5.00 or more and make regular deposits throughout the year. Your deposits can be made in person, by mail, automatic transfer, or through payroll deduction.

Your Christmas Club Cash adds up fast! If you deposit $25 bi-weekly for 20 weeks, you’ll have $500 plus any dividends that your account earns. Your account begins to earn dividends based on your average daily balance of $200 or more and is paid quarterly.

Your Christmas Club Cash is available for withdrawal on October 1st. That way, you’ll beat the holiday rush!

For more information or to open your Christmas Club Account, please contact a New Accounts Specialist at 806-358-7561.

Youth Teen Accounts