In today’s world, when you shop for a checking account, you’re searching for something that fits your day-to-day schedule…something that has all the convenience and technology to keep up with the fast-paced environment in which you live. At ACFCU, discover checking accounts that are tailored to your lifestyle. Combine your checking account with Online Banking, Mobile Banking,  and our Debit card and you’ll find your money is easily managed.

Deposits can be made in our lobby, through the drive-up, by mail, payroll deduction, direct deposit, or night deposit.

All of our checks are carbonless copies. They provide you with an exact record of your transactions. Your actual cancelled checks will not be returned to you. They are microfilmed and held in safekeeping for you. If you need a copy of the original check, our Member Service Department at 806-358-7561 will furnish you a copy.

You will receive a monthly checking account statement. The statement will contain check numbers and amounts as well as a current balance at the end of the month.

ACFCU also provides two options for overdraft protection:

  • Overdraft transfer from your savings account.
  • A Courtesy Pay Line of Credit loan with a pre-determined credit limit. (To apply for Courtesy Pay, please fill out and submit a loan application today!)

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