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ACFCU debit cardDebit MasterCard®

Now your ATM card can work like a check – only better. Ask for a Debit MasterCard® today!

Our Debit MasterCard® is the check of the future, here today. It’s still an ATM card – not a credit card – but now it does so much more. You can use it instead of a check everywhere MasterCard® is accepted – at over 14 million locations worldwide.

Using your Debit MasterCard® couldn’t be easier. Just present our Debit MasterCard® at the time of purchase and the amount will be deducted from your checking account. Plus, with each purchase, you’ll always get a receipt for easy record keeping and a detailed record of every transaciton on your monthly checking account statement.

You can still use our Debit MasterCard® to withdraw cash all over the world – at more than 400,000 Cirrus Network ATMs. So, why carry cash or checks when you can carry our Debit MasterCard®.

Checks have changed for the better

Now our Debit MasterCard® is the hassle-free way to pay. There’s no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No ID to show. No waiting for check approval. When you carry our Debit MasterCard®, you’re in and out of stores in no time – just sign and go.

Take advantage of all of the benefits of our Debit MasterCard® and put the power of the MasterCard® symbol to work for you. Call Member Services at 806-358-7561 or visit one of our locations to request your Debit MasterCard® today.


Protect Your Money

Let us know when you leave town – call us first 358-7561. Why? It helps us protect your money from fraudulent purchases that may try to clear your account.

Please remember to contact us if you plan to use your ACFCU debit card while traveling. We protect your account by using a fraud monitoring service to ensure only transactions authorized by you will clear your account. We will notate on your account the dates and places of your travel and a return date, this will allow your funds will be available to you as you travel.

  • Keep us up-to-date when you change your phone number or email address. It will help us to contact you in the event there is a question regarding a transaction.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately – 806-358-7561.
  • Dispute Department: To dispute a debit card transaction, call 806-358-7561.

Travel Tips:

  • Always bring at least two ways to pay for your travel expenses – your Amarillo Community debit card, a prepaid debit card, credit card, checks or cash are all great options.
  • International Blocks – All international debit card transactions are blocked. If you are leaving the USA, please contact us so we can remove the International Block.
  • Blocks within the USA – We no longer are blocking transaction certain states. But, it is always wise to let us know you will be traveling so we can notate your card, that way our processor will see our notes and expect charges in other locations. If we have your correct cell phone number you may even receive a text that asks if you intitiated a transaction. All you have to do it answer YES and your transaction will be processed.
  • BEFORE you leave – make sure you have access to Mobile Banking, Online Banking or Audio Teller. Not sure if you’ve signed up? Call Member Services at 358-7561 – they will make sure you have access to your account while you’re traveling.