Our Mission

ACFCU’s mission is: Make financial dreams reality.

Our Vision

Be THE financial solution.

Our History

ACFCU began its service to the Amarillo community in January, 1945. The orginal charter name was Amarillo U.S. Employees Federal Credit Union, serving a small group of government employees working at the Bureau of Reclamation.

During the ensuing years, the credit union positioned itself to expand its service reach to include many other federal and state governmental agencies. In the early eighties, we began allowing select employee groups to join with us. The number of groups reached over 250 before we converted to a community charter.

The most dramatic service change occurred in March, 1998 when our charter to serve all residents of Potter, Randall and Gray counties was approved. This is also the time we changed our name from Amarillo Federal Credit Union to Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union. In the summer of 2019, the Board of Directors approved rebranding Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union to ACFCU. A new brand, but the same great service.

Our history reflects our determination to bring to you, our present and potential members the best financial products available in the panhandle marketplace. This determination is more clearly expressed in our Mission Statement which reads, “Make financial dreams a reality.”

We invite you to take the opportunity to review the many products and services we offer and challenge you to find any better. We promise you the best and stand behind our promise.

What's A Credit Union

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Profis is not the sole purpose of a credit union but needed to compete with other financial institutions.

You own your credit union

Our customers are member-owners regardless of your account balance.

You govern your credit union

Member-owners of a financial cooperative elect the credit union’s volunteer Board, Members are eligible to serve on committees and have a direct voice.

You share in your credit union’s earnings

With no outside shareholders, our credit union’s earnings go to you and other members in lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and better service.

ACFCU services are the same as other financial institutions. Credit Union services exist solely to provide you, the member-owner
…a convenient, safe place to save
…a reasonable, affordable resource for loans
…a friendly, cooperative source for other needed financial services.

ACFCU is people helping people


How did credit unions start?

The first credit union cooperatives started in Germany over a century ago. Today, credit unions are found everywhere in the world. The credit union movement started in this country in Manchester, New Hampshire. There, the St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association, a church-affiliated credit union, opened its doors in 1909. Today, one in every three Americans is a credit union member.

Are savings deposits insured?

Yes. All savings accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. ACFCU provides an additional $250,000 coverage for your deposits through Excess Share Insurance (ESI). ESI is another level of protection for ACFCU members and part of our promise to be THE financial solution.

Who owns a credit union?

Most financial institutions are owned by stockholders, who own a part of the institution and intend on making money from their investment. A credit union doesn’t operate in that manner. Rather, each credit union member owns one “share” of the organization. The user of credit union services is also an owner, and is even entitled to vote on important issues, such as the election of member representatives to serve on the board of directors.

What is the purpose of a credit union?

The primary purpose in furthering their goal of service is to encourage members to save money. Another purpose is to offer loans to members. In fact, credit unions have traditionally made loans to people of ordinary means. Credit unions can charge lower rates for loans (as well as pay higher dividends on savings) because they are nonprofit cooperatives. Rather than paying profits to stockholders, credit unions return earnings to members in the form of dividends or improved services.

Who can join a credit union?

A credit union exists to serve a specific group of people, such as a group of employees or the members of a professional or religious group. This is called a “field of membership.” The field of membership may include where they live, where they work, or their membership in a social or economic group.