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What's A Credit Union  

The Difference is YOU.

No one can take the "you" out of Credit Union - it's what makes us
unique among financial institutions. Alone in the financial world, only
your credit union can say:

YOU OWN YOUR CREDIT UNION. You and your fellow member-owners are its
only shareholders, and its only customers.

YOU GOVERN YOUR CREDIT UNION. As a member-owner of a financial
cooperative, you elect your credit union's volunteer Board, are eligible
to serve on its key committees, and have a direct voice - and a vote -
in how the organization is run.

YOU SHARE IN YOUR CREDIT UNION'S EARNINGS. With no outside shareholders,
our credit union's earnings go to you and other members as lower loan
rates, higher savings rates, and better service.

Your credit union offers many services identical to other financial
institutions - but with a big difference - YOU. Credit Union services
exist solely to provide you, the member-owner
...a convenient, safe place to save
...a reasonable, affordable resource for loans
...a friendly, cooperative source for other needed financial services.

CREDIT UNIONS: Unique...because of YOU

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