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Online Bill Pay - FAQs

Why is ACFCU changing Bill Pay providers?
The new partnership enables ACFCU to meet the growing demands for Bill Pay, in addition to adding addition features at NO cost to our members.

When will the change to the new bill pay provider take place?
Friday July 14th the new CheckFree product became available for members to use. (Please note: Be sure to check your browser settings and to make sure pop-up blocker is disabled. CheckFree opens a new window when you click on "Pay Bills").

Will all of my scheduled payments and existing payees transfer to the new bill pay?
Yes. All scheduled payments and payees will transfer to the new bill pay.

Will my bills be paid from the same account with the new bill pay?
Yes. The new bill pay will pay your bills from the same ACFCU checking account you currently have set up.

How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay if I'm not currently enrolled?
You need to contact Member Support at 806-358-7561. They will activate your bill pay.

Is there a monthly charge for using bill pay?
No. There is no cost to our members for using the service.

What accounts can I use to pay my bills?
Bill pay checks can only be withdrawn from your ACFCU checking account.

How many payees can I set up?
There is no limit to the amount of payees you may set up.

Is there a maximum amount I can send using bill pay?

Is there a fee for placing a stop payment on a bill pay transaction?
There is a $25 fee for placing a stop payment on each electronic or paper bill pay transaction.

Does the money for the payment always come out of my account on the day I select the payment to be made?
No. There are three (3) ways payments can be disbursed. The majority of payments are made either electronically or by a check issued by CheckFree. In both of these instances, the money to pay these accounts is deducted from your account on the payment date. The exception to this usually occurs when the recipient is an individual. In this case, the payment is sent as a check from you and the funds are not removed from your account on the issue date but on the date the check is presented for payment. Once the "STATUS" section of "BILL HISTORY" is updated to PAID, you can click "VIEW DETAIL" and see how the payment was processed.

How will I know when the bill was paid?
When you enter the amount to be paid, the calendar will display the first available payment date. You can choose that date or extend the payment out to a future date that you prefer it to be made.

Can I use bill pay to make my ACFCU loan payments?
It would be better to set up an automatic transfer for your payments. By doing so, we will also discount your loan rate by .25%. Talk to your loan officer to set up an automatic transfer.

What happens if I schedule an electronic payment and the funds are not available at the time the payment is scheduled to be sent?
If you do not have sufficient funds available for an electronic payment on the scheduled pay date, a Courtesy Pay fee or NSF fee will be assessed to the account. If an NSF fee is assessed there will be a second attempt to debit the account within 24-48 hours. If during the second attempt to debit the account the funds are available, the item will be paid. If the funds are not available, you will be assessed another NSF fee and your bill pay account will go into collections with CheckFree and the entire bill pay service will be suspended. CheckFree will be in direct communication with you to collect the owed amount that was paid to the payee on your behalf and to have bill pay reinstated.

What is the cut off time for next business day electronic payment processing?
Bills are paid in real-time and will be processed on the date you schedule them to be paid.

Will bill payment processing time be impacted?
Payments should be processed; 1-2 days electronically or 3-5 days by check.

How do I verify how long a payment will take to reach each payee?
To determine how long a payment will take to reach the payee, click on the payee name and review the number of business days stated for the payment to arrive. Electronic payments generally process the next business day if scheduled before 3:00 pm CST.

What if I need to make a next day payment?
Many payees are electronic and next day (Rush) payments may be made if the payment is scheduled before 3:00 pm CST. The cost for an electronic rush payment is $9.95. However, if you need to quickly pay an individual or business that is not paid electronically, you can schedule an expedited payment. This is a check payment that will be sent by overnight mail to reach the payee quickly. Cost for an expedited paper check payment is $14.95.

Will my recurring payments transfer to the new bill pay?
Yes. Recurring payments will transfer from the old bill pay to the new bill pay. To confirm your recurring payments have transferred to the new bill pay, review your payees in the "Payment Center" section.

What is an E-Bill?
An E-Bill is the electronic version of your a bill you receive either by mail or email. E-Bills can be set up in bill pay the with payees who support E-Bills.

How do I set up an E-Bill?
To set up E-Bills, click "set up E-Bills" then follow the instructions. E-Bill activation will generally occur within two (2) weeks, but can take up to two (2) billing cycles depending on the individual payee response time.

Will E-Bills continue to be available to me?
Yes. E-Bills are available in the new bill pay, but some payees may not be registered with the new bill pay provider. After signing into bill pay all payees with E-Bill availablity will provide a link below the payee name to set up E-Bills. Note that payees not included at this time may participate in the future.

Will my bill pay history transfer to the new bill pay?
No. But your payment history is available in your account history in online banking.

Need Help with your Online Bill Pay?
Call 1-844-298-6451


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